Business Marketing and Development Services for Toronto and the GTA

Marketing Services for Small and Midsize Businesses in the GTAIf you own a small to mid-size business in the Greater Toronto Area, I can help to significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing and help your business make more money. How’s that for a pitch? When it comes to marketing, I mean business! Why? Because I, like you, know that if a company is to survive and thrive, its marketing has got to be bang-on. It’s definitely no cakewalk out there!

The top 5 Business Marketing Needs and Issues for the Greater Toronto Area Exposed…

While every company is different, I’ve found the following issues to be extremely prevalent and damaging to Canadian business owners:

1. Digital assets are not being used to their full business-building potential

A business website and other digital assets like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts should not only act as 24/7 marketing tools but also as sources of valuable business strategy shaping data. A website can be a company’s biggest research and development tool while simultaneously providing leads and supporting brand awareness.

2. The belief that Digital Marketing is synonymous with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing definitely has its place but it really is only a type of digital marketing. Many business owners are simply not exposed to some of the most effective digital marketing tactics and tools like Google AdWords, Search Engine Marketing and Remarketing.

3. The old-school ‘wide net’ approach

The internet delivered the deathblow to generalists. Marketing today is all about finding a niche and fully servicing and thrilling it. Businesses must OWN their space or fickle customers and clients will slowly trickle away.

4. Unclear marketing messages and unique selling point communication

What is it that your company does BEST? Why should someone do business with your company? What is your undeniable, irresistible and unique value offering? These traditional marketing concepts are not going away and the answers to the questions they pose hold the keys to massive success or finding that your company has fallen into the ‘also ran’ category. Having a clear marketing message(s) has never been more important.

5. Overwhelmed by the tons of marketing options that exist

Marketing has certainly changed over the last 20 years and will continue to evolve as long as businesses sell and consumers consume. I find that while business owners are often fairly comfortable with many of the older, traditional concepts, they are overwhelmed by the multitudinous offerings that the digital side of marketing presents. There truly is an art to knowing what to employ and what to ignore out of the tons of available ‘options’.  Some will work while others will sink a company.

Here is my unique selling point:

I have the experience and expertise that enables me to ignore the fluff and focus in on what will work for your business. Further, I’ll help you to create and implement a plan that will be successful. I want to help you succeed with your marketing and minimize the expensive ‘trial and error’ approach that sinks so many small Canadian businesses. You need a consultant that understands the complete picture and that can help you to cut through the hype and the scams. Marketing is no longer just about the ‘four P’s’….


I hope you’ll continue to explore my website and contact me when you are ready for a marketing plan that will take your business to the next level.