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In today’s data-driven world, marketing is all-pervasive, becoming increasingly complex and absolutely vital to business success. Companies that I typically provide marketing and business development services to have come to the realization that they could be doing a lot better with the right marketing strategy in place. I also find that clarity on the following three truths is required before companies make the decision to seek close-sourced marketing help like what I provide to my clients. Have a read. Can you see how the implications of these truths are impacting or limiting your company’s growth and market share?


Great marketing is what builds companies

Marketing is no longer an afterthought or considered to be the ‘softer side’ of business. Companies that want to thrive in today’s competitive environment must have strategies in place that are not only carefully thought-out, but that are actively managed and constantly refined. 


Marketing is multi-faceted and complex

The term ‘marketing’ no longer simply applies to branding. Marketing as an activity has gotten a lot more complicated and efforts that result in growth and increased profitability require the expertise of a tried and proven marketer.


Experience is required to choose effective strategies & tools

There is no end to the range of options, tools, strategies and marketing-focused products available today. From lead generation software to email marketing solutions and social media platforms, the options are endless. 

If you agree that the above truths have changed the landscape and you’ve also come to the realization that your company could use some guidance or help with it’s marketing, I hope that you will consider contacting me. My typical clients are family-run or owned companies and smaller corporations that don’t have a dedicated internal marketing department. Sound like your situation? Have a look at the ways I work with organizations like yours in the Greater Toronto Area or contact me today to learn more.

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