I've worked with some great clients - here are some of their kind words...

“We found that Chad brings immense marketing knowledge to the table. This combined with an authentic desire to learn about his client’s business in order to create an effective promotion strategy makes him an extremely valuable resource. As an added bonus, Chad’s friendly, calm demeanour makes the process very enjoyable.”

G. Glidden – Agent-Proof Me

“We had The GTA Consultant provide us with a website audit to help improve the interface and usability of our main landing page – the advice that they gave was insightful and we plan to put much of it into place when we release the updated version of our website.”

M. Morgan – Fulcrum Media
Toronto, Canada

“I’m getting inquiries from my website for the first time ever! So thrilled and mega thanks!!”

C. A.

“Chad has provided first rate business and marketing advice from the time of inception of my law firm. Our firm provides legal advice to clients in a niche area of law, and Chad was perfectly well suited in steering our marketing efforts towards those potential clients who would be in need of our services. Chad is highly recommended.”

Jan Borghardt – Winter Borghardt Law Chambers

“When we were ready to redevelop our firm’s website, Chad guided us and worked with us every step of the way to ensure that the message we were communicating through the site was one that would both differentiate our firm and align with our firm’s real world strengths. He continues to work with us by helping to manage our web presence and also to ensure that our content is both timely and relevant. In part due to the guidance and direction that he has so ably supplied, we have experienced excellent results with our redesigned website. It is my hope that our business relationship will remain strong as it has been since the first meeting that we had with him.”

Carolyn Adderley – Halsbury Law Chambers

“I had the great opportunity to work with Chad during a consulting trip to Nassau, Bahamas working with The Bahamas Internet Association. Chad shares a like vision in the field of technology; he deeply understands the industry, and more importantly, the movement and evolution of technology in today’s ever changing global workplace.”

Carl Eppolito – Forza

“I had a great opportunity to get to know Chad when he hosted me in the Bahamas. Chad is cofounder of the forward thinking Bahamas Internet Association and owner of Paradigm Business Solutions (and GTA Consultant). After spending a few days with Chad it was clear that he had a very strong background in business development and marketing. More importantly, he was very good at communicating these skills effectively. Chad’s integrity and lighthearted demeanor make it a pleasure to do business with him.”

A. Evarts – Full Foundation

“I’ve known Chad for a long time and more recently he and his team have created websites for a handful of our clients, including a total overhaul of our agency’s site. He is a pleasure to work with and has a natural ability to manage projects virtually. I believe that his company’s product is unmatched when comparing it with others in the local industry, displaying efficiency, professionalism and receptiveness. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for an engaging website to raise their online profile.”

C. Eldon

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