Marketing and Business Development Services for the Greater Toronto Area

I work with companies in the Greater Toronto area that want to create new, improve existing, or to simply tweak their marketing programs. I am typically engaged by mid-size family run or owned companies and smaller corporations that don’t have a dedicated marketing department in place.

Services that I offer include:

  • branding and rebranding
  • sales/lead funnel development
  • message crafting
  • auditing existing marketing and business development strategies and programs
  • new integrated marketing strategy formulation
  • complete marketing plan creation
  • digital marketing strategy formulation and integration with existing marketing programs
  • social media strategies
  • help with copywriting for websites
  • on-site staff group or individual training (principles of digital marketing, the principles of inbound marketing, more)

I offer a unique range of options for providing my services that are not found at typical marketing agencies in the Toronto area.

Below are the details of the three most common ways that I work with clients:

OPTION 1: Hourly

The ‘hourly work’ option is suitable for situations when a client is simply seeking guidance on a marketing-related challenge or opportunity.

Charges for this category of service start at $150/hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

OPTION 2: Project Based

This option is for companies and organizations who have a specific goal they’d like to achieve via some sort of marketing activity. Examples include assistance with re-branding, launching or auditing and revamping a website, setting up a Pay Per Click campaign or getting started with a social media strategy.

Pricing for this category is based on the project and is calculated by estimating the number of hours the work is expected to take multiplied by a discounted hourly rate.

OPTION 3: Monthly Retainer

This category of service is offered to organizations that have extensive, ongoing needs. In essence, I sell a block of my time to the client each month to work closely with them on clearly-defined marketing related activities and initiatives.

My current charge for this category of service is $95/hour with a minimum of 10 hours per month.

Are you open to exploring the possibility of working with an experienced marketer?

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